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74 Years, 8 Months, 24 Days


By Kathy Block


This memorial article celebrates Ed Block's varied, active life. "Thank you" for the generous contributions to the APCRP Ed Block Memorial Fund and for the many kind cards. It comforts me to know that people cared!


These two posters displayed at the memorial service show many photos from Ed's life.


Poster - Ed's Memorial




Second poster at Ed's Memorial


Ed was very outdoors oriented and over the years we enjoyed trips for rifle and archery hunting, camping, and fishing. He loved to hike and backpack. One of his favorite backpacking adventures, done twice, was up a steep mountain trail to historic Spanish Caves in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Colorado. We Spelunked in caves in many places: lava caves in the NW, and after our move to Arizona, mud caves near Death Valley, limestone caves in Utah, and others. He became interested in gold prospecting and we explored many back-country areas in his search for spots to dry wash, pan, and metal detect. We camped with our beat-up 1973 Shasta trailer on these excursions. Ed also liked to visit national parks, and photograph scenic vistas. We visited many local history museums. On our last trip a week before his untimely stroke and death, we'd toured the expanded Buffalo Bill Cody Museum in Cody, Wyoming. He particularly liked this display.


Favorite display - Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, one of last photos taken by Ed Block

Ed's photos displayed behind computer.

Ed looking at mud caves near Shoshone, CA (East end of Death Valley).

Ed in Parchment Cave, Utah. Photo by Dr. William Halliday.


Ed could talk amiably and enjoyably, about various topics, and also was a good listener. On every trip, strangers seemed drawn to him. His quiet sense of humor was noted by many friends. He was an avid reader, particularly about physics and astronomy, and helped at public star-gazing parties of the local astronomy club. He cheerfully participated in APCRP projects, such as Cedar Glade, Puntenney, and Del Rio, helping to record graves, erect cemetery name plaques, do cleanup tasks. He always appreciated the various friendships he had with neighbors and in APCRP.


His brother Bill, of Prescott Valley, myself, and a great friend, Judy Bryant, and her mother, drove up to Gold Basin to scatter his ashes above his favorite wash for prospecting. Neighbors B.J. and Jean Buckout, followed us in their jeep. Judy shared a poem she wrote as we saluted Ed's memory with champagne.


"To Ed Block, Good husband, brother and friend, you are missed,

We raise to you the parting glass

For all good company must pass;

May all good memories live on,

Til we meet again as time goes on.


Judy Bryant toasting Ed's memory at base of wash reading poem she wrote. Photo by Bill Block.


We stood by Ed's photo placed over his ashes on a plateau beside his favorite wash and read a Hopi prayer.


Hopi prayer read at ceremony


Then, dried rose petals, from a plant a friend sent, were scattered over the site. I like to think that we received closure and comfort and that Ed's spirit was released in this beautiful spot.


B.J.s Jeep at plateau beside wash

Plaque in Ed's Memory


Generous donations to APCRP paid for this plaque that was placed in a discrete location to further honor Ed's memory.


Ed's Memorial folder



Last photo taken of Ed. Goulding Trading Post, Monument Valley, August 2013. Photo by Kathy Block


These words, photos and actions honor the memory of Ed Block, a kind, generous, loving husband and friend. Ed seems to be saying goodbye in this photo taken on our last trip, before he departed from this life.


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