Arizona Pioneer & Cemetery Research Project
Yavapai County, Arizona
Ghost Town of Palace Station is 17 miles South on Senator Highway from Prescott
Latitude N34 22 36.9, Longitude W112 24 36.3 (WGS84) - (Elevation 6,868)
    Burials = 8   12/20/2009
  Y BECK Clinton Henry 1870 1899 Husband of Florence Spence Beck. He was killed when he accidentally drilled into an undetonated charge of explosives at the Busier Mine.
  Y DOZIER Baby 1903 1903 Son of Florence Beck Dozier died from inflamation of the bowels.
  Y LAMBUTH Richard J. 1826 1896 Fought for the South during the Civil War. Died at Turnkey Creek wile visiting his daughters in Arizona Territory
  Y SPENCE Alfred Barnam 1833 1908 Died after suffering a lingering illness for two years. He fathered 8 children and had 22 grandchildren.
  Y THOMPSON Baby 1898 1898 First born son of Maud Spence Thompson delivered stillborn at Bueno Station.
  Y THOMPSON Ernest Edwin 1902 1903 Died of Cholera in Los Angeles and was brought to Palace Station for burial.
  Y THOMPSON Ernest Keith 1902 1903 Took ill and died in Mayer. The last known burial at Palace Station.
  Y THOMPSON Nellie   1899 1899 Four day old daughter of Maud & Thomas Thompson died of "Icturus Monatorium"
Research by: Neal Du Shane, Todd Zuercher, Molly Littrell, Jane Littrell
Contributor: Neal Du Shane: 7/09/08.
Note: Extensive detailed research was conducted by APCRP staff. It is rumored that there may be additional graves outside the fenced area and would add burials to the eight listed above.
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