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CAMPAS Cemetery (Undocumented Name)
La Paz County, AZ - Organized from Yuma County in 1978
East of Alamo Lake, AZ. N. of Wenden, AZ. 30 Mi. Enter from Wayside, AZ - remote, difficult to locate. On South side of Santa Maria River just east of the confluence of Big Sandy. Small ghost town cement structure slabs (8) remain approximately 1/2 mile west of cemetery. N34* 18' 6.67", W 113* 30' 30.49". Indicating possibly a mining community or camp dating from 1920 - 1940's.
Lat N34* 18' 0.63', Lon W113* 29' 59.03" (WGS84) (Elev. 1,204) (Var. 7')
Burials = 18 4/7/2007
1 CAMPAS Ernesto   1910 1925 Rdo. De Su Hermano - "Memory of my Brother" - Professional headstone placed at this grave in 1978. Source unknown.
2 Unknown         Adult Male
3 Unknown         Adult Male
4 Unknown         Adult Male
5 Unknown         Adult Male
6 Unknown         Adult Male
  Unknown         Unmarked - possibly child or small adult - Male
8 Unknown         Adult Male
9 Unknown         Adult Male
10 Unknown         Adult Male
11 Unknown         Adult Male
12 Unknown         Adult Male
13 Unknown         Adult Male
14 Unknown         Adult Male
15 Unknown         Adult Male
16 Unknown         Adult Male
17 Unknown         Adult Male
18 Unknown         Adult Male
  Bill Bain, Neal Du Shane, Ralph Goodall, Bill Snider. 3/28/07
Contributor: Neal Du Shane - Arizona Pioneer Cemetery Research Project (APCRP)
There is one additional adult male grave near the east slab at the community 1/2 mile west of cemetery. Headstone at Ernesto Campas grave, placed in 1978. At one time the cemetery was enclosed by a barbed wire fence, in 2007 the fence is laying on the ground. 17 of rock enclosures on the graves are clearly marked with upright sticks with the grave numbers on each stick. Cattle will destroy this cemetery if not once again fenced. Believed to currently be in a flood plain.
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