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NOTICE: APCRP's information is not a current roster of names in historic cemeteries nor is it APCRP's intent to keep current rosters. Local groups and cemetery associations maintain these records plus other internet organizations provide this service.

APCRP's historical research is exclusively PIONEER Cemeteries, being defined as having fewer than six burials in the past fifty years, regardless of the total graves or age of the cemetery.

 Cemetery names in BLACK have physically been visited and documented by APCRP staff. No internet information is available. Information will be posted when or if it becomes available.

 557 derelict abandoned cemeteries have been found so far. Representing 17,505 graves.

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Date Added

Date Updated

ADAMS - JOHNSON MINE - Cemetery    Cochise 12/17/08  
AGUA CALIENTE - Cemetery Click Here Maricopa   4/29/14
ALAMO LAKE - Cemetery (Campas) a.k.a. Three Rivers Ranch Click Here La Paz Information needed  
ALPINE   Apache Researching  
AMADO    Santa Cruz    
ARIZOLA   Pinal Researching  
ARIZONA YUCCA MINE Click Here Mohave 9/25/11  
BACA RANCH  & Cemetery Click Here Navajo 02/06/18 02/06/18
Bar X Ranch                                                                     Researching
BRIGHAM CITY    Navajo Researching  
BLACK ROCK ARRASTRE (Slim Jim Creek)               Yavapai    
Black Rock Mine - (Restoration in Progress) 7 Cemeteries                          Yavapai    
BLACK CANYON CITY   Yavapai Researching  
BLACK OAK CEMETERY Click Here Santa Cruz Link  
BLACK WELLS - keepers lone grave   Maricopa Researching  
BLOCK, ED - memorial  Click Here Mohave    

BLOO NELLIE MINE (2 separate locations)



Click Here Yavapai    
BRADSHAW, Isaac Grave                                                        Click Here Yavapai    
BRILL RANCH Cemetery aka Martin Family Gravesite Click Here Maricopa 01/30/11
BURRO JOHNS   Yavapai Researching  
BUTTE VIEW a.k.a. Adamsville                                    Pinal Researching  
BYKERK Graves Click Here Yavapai 11/16/10
CAMP B CEMETERY (6 graves)   Yavapai Researching  
CAMP BOUSE (Numerous Graves) Click Here La Paz Researching  
CAMP DATE CREEK CEMETERIES                        Click Here Yavapai    
CAMP GRANT  Click Here Pinal 06/04/09 06/06/09
CASTLE CREEK (Cabin/Mine 10 - 15 graves)   Yavapai Researching  
CASTLE CREEK CEMETERY (15 - 20 Graves)   Yavapai Researching  
CERBAT Click Here Mohave 12/03/2010 11/04/12
CEDAR - CEDARVILLE Click Here Yavapai 1/25/09 2/26/09
CEDAR GLADE aka DRAKE Click Here Yavapai 6/15/09 04/01/10
CEDAR GLADE CEMETERY Click Here Yavapai 11/15/10 01/21/14
CHAMPIE Ranch Cemetery                                      Yavapai    
CHAMPIE MILL Cemetery                                                       Click Here Yavapai    
CHARLESTON   Cochise Reseraching  
CHERRY   Yavapai Researching  
CHLORIDE  1 & 2 Click Here Mohave 06/03/10  
CHRISTOPHERSON - Skull Valley (Original) Cemeteries Click Here Yavapai 06/03/09  
CIBOLA Click Here La Paz 03/28/13  
CITIZENS/Potters Field - Prescott Click Here Yavapai 01/01/11  
CLAUDIA's Grave and Cemetery                              Click Here Yavapai    
COLCORD     Researching  
COLORADO MINE Cemetery Click Here Yuma Researching  
COLUMBIA Cemetery (+6 Sites) Click Here Yavapai    
COLUMBIA Main Cemetery (6 - 12 graves) Click Here Yavapai 02/02/09  
COLUMBIA (Old) 2 graves   Yavapai Researching  
CONGRESS - William Miller Grave                            Click Here Yavapai    
CONSTELLATION  (Ghost Town) (24 Graves                                                Click Here Yavapai    
CONSTELLATION - On Slim Jim Creek 6 to 8 graves   Yavapai Researching  
CONTENTION CITY   Cochise Researching  
COPPEROPOLIS Click Here Yavapai    
CORDES Click Here Yavapai    
CORDOVA Leonardo Grave Click Here Yavapai    
CULLING'S_WELL (250+ graves)                                                    Click Here La Paz    
CROWN KING - Bishop Graves Click Here Yavapai    
CROWN KING - Main Cemetery Click Here Yavapai    
CYCLOPS Mohave Researching  
DEL RIO SPRINGS & Cemetery Click Here Yavapai 06/09/09 06/11/09
DOBBIE, Charles (Interred - Silver King Cemetery) Click Here Pinal   12/19/11
DOME                                 Click Here Yuma 02/05/09 05/05/12
DOUBLE CIRCLE RANCH & CEMETERY Click Here Green Lee 11/22/12  
DRAGOON SPRING Click Here 12/17/08
DRAKE  Click Here Yavapai 06/06/09  
EAGLE CREEK Click Here Green Lee 12/15/10  
EAGLE EYE CEMETERY - Agila   Maricopa Researching  
EHRENBERG Click Here La Paz 11/25/08 01/07/13
EVENING STAR MINE Click Here Maracopa Researching
EVERGREEN   Cochise Researching  
FAIRBANK CEMETERY Click Here Cochise 11/6/10  
FLYING E CEMETERY - 4 unprotected graves in development   Maricopa Researching  
FORT BOWIE Click Here Cochise 12/06/08  
FORT McDOWELL   Maricopa Researching  
FORT MISERY Click Here Yavapai    
FORT MOHAVE CEMETERY   Mohave Researching  
FOURR CEMETERY                                                     Click Here Maricopa Researching  
FRANCONIA Click Here Mohave    
FRENCH CREEK 1 (2 graves)   Yavapai Researching  
FRENCH CREEK 2 (3 graves)   Yavapai Researching  
FRENCH CREEK CEMETERY (6 to 8 graves)   Yavapai Researching  
GEORGE WASHINGTON Mine Graves Click Here Yavapai 1/24/09  
GUADALUPE CEMETERY   Maricopa Researching  
GILBERT (Old) - On Buckhorn Road Click Here Yavapai    
GILLETT Click Here Yavapai    
GLEESON Click Here Cochise Researching 01/16/15
GOLD BAR MINE - Upper & Lower Cemeteries                    Yavapai Researching  
GOLD BASIN a.k.a. Burnt Hill, Burnt Hill Ranch Cemetery Click Here Mohove 3/30/11  
GOLDROAD Click Here Mohave 4/16/15  
GRIFFITH, Rees B. (Grand Canyon - Phantom Ranch) Click Here Coconino Researching
HACKBERRY Click Here   04/12/09  
HAMBLIN, Charles Allen Click Here Greenlee
HANSON GRAVES (Restoration in Progress)                          Maricopa Researching  
HARDYVILLE     Click Here Mohave 1/11/09  
HARRISBURG                                                     Click Here La Paz    
HARSHAW Click Here Santa Cruz 10/12/15  
HARSHAW - EPIDEMIC ROSTER   Santa Cruz 10/13/15  
HARQUA HALA Click Here La Paz 01/02/09 06/27/09
HAUGHT RANCH Cemetery "Last Roundup" Click Here Gila 2/3/09  
HELVETIA Historic Pioneer Cemetery Click Here Pima Researching  
HI JOLLY (QUARTZSITE) Click Here Yuma 12/02/08
HOAGLAND - Grave Click Here Yavapai 5/31/09  
HOVATTER Camp Graves Click Here Yuma 04/26/10  
HOWELLS Click Here Yavapai 06/01/09
HUMBUG  Click Here Yavapai 05/14/06 04/04/16
INDIAN PEAK                                                                  Yavapai Researching  
JEROME (Hogback) Cemetery Click Here Yavapai 09/13/11  
JOHNSON CEMETERY - Weaver Creek 1 mile NW of Weaver 30 to 50 Graves   Yavapai Researching  
KENTUCK'S CABIN - 3 graves Click Here Yavapai 1/16/09  
KENTUCK'S GRAVE - Fort Misery Click Here Yavapai    
KEYSTONE -            Private Property - do not trespass                        Yavapai    
KINGMAN - Pioneer Cemetery Click Here Mohave 7/22/10  
KIRKLAND                                                                 Click Here Yavapai 6/21/08 3/21/09
KOFA Click Here   Researching  
    Yuma 2/26/10 9/29/11
LAGUNA Click Here YUMA  2/3/09 01/125/12
LAPHAM - Shelley - Minnehaha                                            Click Here Yavapai Researching  
LEES FERRY Click Here Coconino 12/14/08  
LIBERTY Click Here Maricopa 6/29/08  
LINDO CEMETERIO 15th Ave & I-17 (Durango Curve)   Maricopa Researching  
LOPEZ RANCH CEMETERY Click Here Mohave 05/05/12  
MARTIN FAMILY Gravesite aka BRILL RANCH CEMETERY Click Here Maricopa 01/30/11  
MARTINEZ LAKE a.k.a. IMPERIAL DAM Click Here Yuma 03/14/09  
McCabe AKA Miners Union Cemetery Click Here Yavapai    
McDONALD, JOHN (Vulture) Click Here Maricopa
McKIBBY, CURLY (Curly's Place) Click Here Yavapai    
McNEAL CEMETERY - Near Bisbee                                         Cochise Researching  
MESCAL GULCH Click Here 05/25/10
MIDDELTON a.k.a. Middleton Click Here Yavapai Researching  
MIDDLETON RANCH                                                

Click Here

Gila 12/30/11  
MINNEHAHA CEMETERY (2 - 4 graves) Click Here Yavapai Researching  
MINNEHAHA FLATS CEMETERY (10 - 15 graves) Click Here Yavapai Researching  
MISSION HOME aka Sleeping Bride Cemetery Click Here Maricopa 12/30/11  
MOHAWK   Yuma    
MONTE CRISTO Cemeteries  Upper - Lower             Click Here Yavapai    
MOORE, HAYS - Verde Flats Cemetery (Vulture)   Maricopa    
MORENCI - Old Cemetery Click Here Greenlee 11/25/12  
MORGAN BUTTE EAST CEMETERY   Yavapai Researching  
MORGAN CITY CEMETERY a.k.a. "The Swedes"   Maricopa Researching  
MOWRY Click Here Santa Cruz 01/25/16  
NELSON MEMORIAL CEMETERY (Updated January 2016) Click Here Yavapai 01/07/16  
OATMAN Pioneer Cemetery Click Here Mohave Researching 07/23/14
OATMAN GRAVES - Massacre                                                      Click Here Maricopa Researching 12/06/12
O'BRIAN GULCH CEMETERY (5 -12 Graves)   Yavapai Researching  
OCTAVE                                                                     Click Here Yavapai   02/12/13
OLEA Ranch Click Here LaPaz    
OWENS  Click Here Yavapai
PADUCHY FLAT                                                                      Yavapai Researching  
PALACE STATION                       Click Here Yavapai 11/20/08  
PALMERITA RANCH                              Click Here La Paz    
PANTANO Click Here Pima 12/14/16  
PINAL CITY CEMETERY                                        Click Here Pinal    
PLACERITA CEMETERY   Yavapai Researching  
PIONEER CEMETERY   Gila Researching  
PIPE CEMETERY Click Here Maricopa 12/13/10
PUNTENNEY CEMETERY Click Here Yavapai 06/06/09 01/07/13
QUARTZSITE CEMETERY Click Here La Paz 05/12/11  
QUARTZSITE - Four Graves Click Here La Paz 02/06/10  
REED, Margaret CEMETERY   Yavapai Researching  
ROLLING HILLS - Prescott Click Here Yavapai 8/9/12
ROSEMONT   Pima Researching  
SALOME - Pioneer Cemetery Click Here La Paz 01/22/09  
SAN DOMINGO WASH Click Here Maricopa 01/13/15
SANDY CEMETERY aka Wikieup Click Here Mohave    
SANTA MARIA A.K.A. Ferra Cemetery                      Click Here Yavapai    
SASCO   Pinal Researching  
SAYER STATION Lower   Yavapai Researching  
SAYER STATION Upper   Yavapai Researching  
SAYER SPRING (3 Sites)                                   Click Here Yavapai Researching  
SCENIC LOOP PLACER CEMETERY Click Here Yavapai 07/0709  
SEE-Narron, Annie Click Here Gila Researching
SEMOUR - Upper Cemetery   Maricopa Researching  
SEMOUR - Lower Cemetery   Maricopa Researching  
SHELLEY CEMETERY Click Here Yavapai Researching  
SIGNAL  Click Here Yavapai Researching 12/24/12
SILVERBELL Pinal Researching
SILVER KING CEMETERY                                         Click Here Pinal
SKULL VALLEY CEMETERY   Yavapai Researching  
SKULL VALLEY (Original) - Christopherson Cemeteries Click Here Yavapai 06/03/09
SLIM JIM CREEK Grave Sites (See Black Rock Arrastre above) Click Here Yavapai    
STANTON     (3 Cemeteries one of which contains Charlie Stanton)       Click Here Yavapai    
SCOTT-WILSON Cemetery                 

Click Here

Navajo 11/29/08 12/01/08
STOTT, Jamie Click Here Navajo Researching 12/01/08
SUNNYSIDE Click Here   02/25/13  
SUNSET CEMETERY - Homolovi Ruins Click Here Navajo 12/04/08  
SWAIN, George Grave Maricopa Researching
SWANSEA CEMETERIES (2 Sites) + (1 Lone Grave) Click Here La Paz Researching  
SWILLING'S Cemetery Black Canyon City   Yavapai    
SWILLING, Jack Grave   Yuma 7/10/08  
SYCAMORE CREEK Click Here Yavapai 06/17/09
TAYLOR, George - Grave   Maricopa Researching  
TEWKSBURY - JACOBS                                               Click Here    
TIP TOP (3) Click Here Yavapai    
TONTO BASIN CEMETERY                                                                      Click Here Gila 07/31/08  
TUSSOCK SPRING (2 Sites) Click Here Yavapai   02/15/12
TWIN BUTTES   Pima Researching  
UNIDA MINE DISTRICT - 2 or 3 cemeteries                                   Yavapai Researching  
VALENZUELA, Inocante (Verde Flat Cemetery - Vulture) Click Here Maricopa    
VALENZUELA, Romona (Verde Flat Cemetery - Vulture Click Here Maricopa    
VERDE FLAT - Vulture City Cemetery                        Click Here Maricopa   01/11/13
VULTURE CITY CEMETERY (3 cemeteries documented)                              Click Here Maricopa    
VULTURE CITY GRAVES (on property) Click Here Maracopa
Wagoner                                 Click Here Yavapai   7/23/12
WALKER  (Miller Gravesite) Click Here Yavapai 06/02/09  
WALNUT CREEK Click Here Yavapai 06/08/11  
WALNUT GROVE Click Here Yavapai   2/21/2010
WEAVER Click Here Yavapai   02/08/13
Wheels Canyon                                                                                  Yavapai Researching  
WHITE HILLS  Click Here Mohave 1/09/09 1/29/09
WHITE PICACHO MOUNTAIN Click Here Yavapai   11/24/08
WICKENBURG - Boetto House Cemetery (100 graves)                Click Here Maricopa   7/2/08
WICKENBURG - Current Cemetery   Maricopa    
WICKENBURG - Flying E Ranch (1 cremation, 3 graves)               Click Here Maricopa 5/17/08  
WICKENBURG - Garcia Cemetery                                                     Maricopa Researching  
WICKENBURG - Old Lumber Yard Cemetery                                    Maricopa 5/17/08  
WICKENBURG - Martin Family Cemetery                                       Click Here Maricopa 5/18/08  
WICKENBURG MASSACRE GRAVES         Maricopa 5/24/08 12/01/08
WICKENBURG - Sols Wash Cemetery                                               Maricopa 5/17/08  
WICKENBURG - St. Alban's Episcopal Church                                       Maricopa 5/17/08  
WICKENBURG - St. Anthony de Padua Catholic Church                 Maricopa   5/15/08
WICKENBURG - Stone Park Cemetery                                            Click Here Maricopa 5/17/08  
WICKENBURG, Old (Henry) Cemetery   Maricopa    
WILLIAMS RANCH Cemetery                             Click Here Yavapai    
YAVAPAI COUNTY CEMETERY  MASS GRAVE - Prescott Click Here Yavapai 7/2/13  
YOUNG    Gila 7/31/08  
YUCCA Click Here Mohave 5/24/09  

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