Arizona Pioneer & Cemetery Research Project  
Humbug Cemetery  
Yavapai County, Arizona  
From north end of Lake Pleasant blacktop, L on Castle Hot Springs Rd., R on Cow Creek Rd to Columbia Rd, R to "T" intersection, L to locked gate at Humbug. DO NOT TRESPASS  
  Burials = 10   6/12/2008  
  FOGERTY Pat       Pile of Stone - No records currently available - Pat Fogerty Interrment Confirmed.  
  LEE Johnny       Pile of Stone - No records currently available - Johnny Lee Interrment Confirmed.  
  DOE Jane       12 year old Hispanic girl - not buried with the other 5. Short distance S.E. Grave is marked with a saguaro cactus, stones covering grave.  
  DOE Johnny       Childs grave in flat area E of other 5 graves  
  DOE John       Adult male in flat area E. of other 5 graves.  
  DOE John       Adult male in flat area E. of other 5 graves.  
  DOE Jane       Adult female in flat area E. of other 5 graves.  
  DOE John        Dowsing revealed burial - male  
  DOE John       Dowsing revealed burial - male  
Y WHITE Newt Edward Feb. 23, 1908 Aug. 24, 1997 Born in Oregon, Son of Edward G. & Adella E. White - Caretaker of Humbug - worked at the Champie Ranch for years. Newt White Interrment confirmed.  
NOTE: Humbug is on PRIVATE PROPERTY - Do not Trespass - Call 1-480-899-7317 and arrange for someone to meet you for your tour of Humbug.  
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