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 Drake, AZ

Yavapai County


By Neal Du Shane


Historical information is fascinating and at times frustrating as one researches places and events of the past. Often once information is presented and written it is perceived to be factual without question. Once in field, sadly we find this information isn’t always correct in more cases than we would like to believe, once research has been completed. This seems to be the case in that currently the two names of the cemeteries here have been reversed for some reason over the years. In most cases one of the two cemeteries is not even acknowledged as being in the area or in existence on maps.


Map of Puntenney and Cedar Glade Cemeteries near Drake, AZ




Puntenney was an active bustling community in its time on the southwest side of Hell Canyon. It had a cemetery and logically it would have been called Puntenney Cemetery after George Puntenney who founded the community. Little remains today except memories, the loading bin foundations, kiln foundations and the Puntenney Cemetery.


A short distance away (1/2 mile straight line) on the northeast side of Hell Canyon was the community of Cedar Glade, later the name was changed to Drake. Logically the cemetery would be named Cedar Glade Cemetery.


Cedar Glade, AZ

This stone structure is to be rebuilt.

Photo courtesy Jim and Barbara Marcel


In their day, both communities were served by railroads and today the trains still ramble through these two ghost towns. Anticipation is that by April or May of 2011 these trains will be stopping to haul concrete from the Drake Cement LLC project.


Through APCRP extensive research by Kathy Block into death certificates prior to 1960 we documented that seven were recorded with a burial in Cedar Glade Cemetery. Forty-nine Death certificates were recorded with a burial in the Puntenney Cemetery.


November 10, 2010 found eleven APCRP Boosters with death certificates for both cemeteries in hand and ready to document the two cemeteries by those buried in each cemetery. Of the seven Death certificates indicating burial in the Cedar Glade Cemetery all their graves were identified and marked. Confirming this is the Cedar Glade Cemetery.


To further verify which cemetery is which, APCRP Certified Coordinators Bonnie Helten and Kevin Hart researched the Puntenney Cemetery and found several graves from the death certificates indicating burial in the Puntenney Cemetery. Confirming this is the Puntenney Cemetery. Incorrectly signed and identified as the Cedar Glade Cemetery.


The reason we dwell on this matter is that incorrectly there is a sign hanging at the Puntenney Cemetery indicating “Cedar Glade Cemetery”. Not only is the sign incorrect many historical maps are incorrect in that they identify the Puntenney Cemetery as the “Cedar Glade Cemetery”. In our research no maps indicate a Cemetery at the ghost town of Cedar Glade although there is one approximately 90’ X 90’ with eighty-nine graves all but five unmarked.


One of 5 graves marked with a cross or some type of marker.

The remaining 84 were totally derelict, absent of markers or crosses.

Photo courtesy Kathy Block


Arguably we would assume the confusion comes from the short distance the two communities were apart but were almost inaccessible to each other due to Hell Canyon being a natural obstacle to separate the two towns. The only connection between the two was a two mile drive around, or walking across the Hell Canyon Trestle which we are sure children cherished this excitement.


Left, Neal Du Shane APCRP Founder and Cliff Ayres Chief Operating Officer Drake Cement LLC discuss the project and historical findings.

Photo Courtesy Kathy Block


Previously I had made a trip to Cedar Glade to meet with Cliff Ayres, COO of the Drake Cement LLC. Cliff is an area historian and dedicated to preserve the Cedar Glade Cemetery; to the point when the Drake Cement Company built their new buildings for processing the sandstone rock in Hells Canyon, Cliff laid out the new structures around this historic Pioneer Cemetery. Cliff and I then toured the Cedar Glade Cemetery and drove to the Puntenney Cemetery and he pointed out the placement of historic structures in both ghost towns.


Mixing history and industrial technology.

Cooperation from Drake Cement LLC staff and APCRP Volunteers.

Photo Courtesy Kathy Block


A commitment to preserve the Cedar Glade and Puntenney Cemeteries was made and a game plan was formulated to identify the unmarked graves.


Nov. 10, 2010 Found APCRP Boosters:

Ed & Kathy Block, Neal Du Shane, Kevin Hart, Bonnie Helten, Kay Jones, Barbara & Jim Marcel, Bill & Sue Mitchell and Bobbie Wicks participated in this historic event.

Jones, Mitchell’s and Wicks are also members of the Chino Valley Historical Society.

Photo Courtesy Kathy Block


Originally it was believed there were approximately 20 to 30 graves within the enclosed chain link area of approximately 60’ X 54’. This fence was installed by Drake Concrete under the direction of Cliff to help preserve the historic cemetery from the elements of construction.




Upon research of the cemetery by APCRP Certified Coordinators there are believed to be 89 graves in total. Of which 9 graves are of females, the remainder being males. Several children are interred here and an (Unknown first name) Vargas (still born) is buried here. There is little rhyme or reason for the placement and layout of the graves with little formality. Drake Cement Security indicated on occasion a family member will return to pay respect to their loved ones interred here. They will get pertinent information for further research in the future.


Using Google Earth Satellite imaging it was discovered in 2007 the fenced area was approximately 90’ X 90’. With the discovery of 89 graves in total, some outside of the existing fenced area, Cliff is committed to rectify the enclosure that will include all graves at the Cedar Glade Cemetery within the new chain linked enclosure.


Satellite image was taken prior to the construction of the new Drake Concrete facility.

Showing the exact location of the Cedar Glade Cemetery and the Stone Building


It was requested that the graves be marked so that historians will know where the graves are within the cemetery in the future. APCRP normally recommends placement of rocks be used to determine the size and parameter of the individual graves. Cliff got on the radio and summoned rocks. Shortly thereafter a very serious load of rocks showed up in a front end loader and with delicate skilled precision placed the rocks in a pile at the NW corner of the cemetery.


“Say when”

This is industrial serious assistance, placing the rocks exactly where requested.

Photo courtesy Kathy Block


L to R. Neal Du Shane, Jim Marcel, Bill Mitchell, Sue Mitchell, Barbara Marcel and Ed Block pick up and place rocks around the parameter of the graves.

Later suggested a wheelbarrow would have been useful!

Photo courtesy Kathy Block


“Lord . . . I don’t care if I ever see another rock”

Barbara Marcel takes a well deserved rest at the completion of the project.

Photo Courtesy Kathy Block


Interest by Drake Concrete construction workers was high with many stopping by to learn. A few participated in trying APCRP research techniques. All were successful and walked away with a new understanding of what APCRP goals are.

Photo courtesy Kathy Block


L-R: Sue Mitchell, Bobbi Wicks, Bonnie Helten, Neal Du Shane and Kevin Hart discuss strategy regarding the Cedar Glade and Puntenney Cemetery projects.

Photo courtesy Kathy Block


If anyone would like to visit the Historic Pioneer Cedar Glade Cemetery they must proceed through Drake Cement LLC Security and follow strict safety rules and will be escorted by Security Staff to the Cedar Glade Cemetery, accessible only during business hours.


A sincere thank you to Drake Concrete LLC, Cliff Ayres, Roger and his Security staff for tending to our every need. Seldom does a project go this smoothly; witnessed by the accomplishments of 11 volunteers. Without their cooperation this would not have been a success. It was rumored there were a few of us that were slow getting out of bed the next morning, however fun was had by all and pride in a job well done.



Cedar Glade Cemetery Revisited


On this beautiful brisk November morning, twenty one individuals arrived at Drake Cement LLC. With volunteer participation from the Chino Valley Historical Society, Drake Cement and Arizona Pioneer & Cemetery Research Project (APCRP). After a brief training session and issuing hard hats to all participants, we proceeded to the Cedar Glade Cemetery.



First order for this project was to install the new sign identifying this historic Pioneer Cemetery. New aluminum engraved signs were for the most part donated by Pat Kriel Machine Shop in Wickenburg, AZ. Pat also made individual markers for the ten individual graves that we have documented their graves. If you are interested you can contact Pat at


L-R Bob Galloway, Barbara Marcel, Jim Marcel, Ed Block, Dana Sharp, with Frank Zurita reaching for object on the ground.

New “Cedar Glade Cemetery Drake, AZ 2011 APCRP”


While the cemetery sign was being installed general policing of the cemetery was being completed.


Preparing to clean up the existing Cedar Glade Cemetery

Team APCRP, polices the Cedar Glade Cemetery


From our last visit here almost one year ago, Cliff had expanded the chain link fence to encompass all the know graves we identified last time.


New Markers lined up to be placed at individual graves

Frank Zurita of Los Vegas, places one of the new markers at a grave site


Death Certificates have been researched, and ten individuals names found that are interred here and new markers were placed at the graves of those individuals.



All existing historic markers remained and new ones placed in front of the original marker.





Drake Cement LLC, after enlarging the Chain Link fence enclosure around Cedar Glade cemetery last year, planted bushes, railroad tie boarders and mulch, on all four sides of the fence creating a natural bearer around the cemetery. They also installed a drip sprinkler water system to help preserve the beauty of this restoration.


Cliff Ayres, COO of Drake Cement LLC, indicated they are open 24/7; anyone is welcome to visit this project. Those wishing to visit the Cedar Glade Cemetery come to Drake Cement facility, drive to the Security Building and tell them you wish to visit the cemetery, they will take you to the cemetery to pay your respects, and you can take as much time as required. It is well worth your effort as this is a beautiful historic Pioneer Cemetery restoration. This project demonstrates what can be accomplished with a multitude of company and volunteer organizations joining together supporting efforts to preserve these historic “Museums Of Our Heritage”.


As research information is accumulated on additional names interred in the Cedar Glade Cemetery at Drake, AZ continued updating will take place. It is hoped we can get a volunteer group to ADOPT this cemetery to maintain and preserve this historic Pioneer Cemetery for future generations. To date approximately 150 hours of volunteer work, and numerous hours and expense has been donated by Drake Cement to preserve this cemetery. We are hopeful that family that have loved ones buried here will step forward after seeing the results of this preservation and provide information of names and dates so more new markers can be made and placed on the remaining unmarked graves at a future date. If you have information that can assist with this endeavor please send it to us  or leave your contact information with the security stations at Drake Cement when you visit Cedar Glade Cemetery and they will forward it to us.


Our hard hats are off to all of the people that participate in making this project happen as they are truly a special group of hands on caring historians. Thank you to each and every one of you for caring enough to make this restoration happen.



Drake Cement LLC facility, Drake, Arizona

Drake Cement LLC Operating/Production Process



By Ruben Sanchez


It should be noted that several years of research has gone into trying to identify the names of the individuals buried here. Often information is unavailable through researching records and relatives supply information. Thus was the case, as we researched the Puntenney Cemetery it was only natural to visit the Cedar Glade Cemetery a short ˝ mile away and across Hell Canyon. The members of the Sanchez family had relatives buried in the Cedar Glade Cemetery. To the best of their ability they supplied information and we were able to identify the unmarked graves of their relatives. Ruben Sanchez committed to making and placing the missing headstones. – Neal Du Shane

As a follow-up to our November 10th outing to the Puntenney, Cedar Glade and Rolling Hills cemeteries, members of our family revisited Cedar Glade and Rolling Hills on December 19th to place headstones. We wanted to make this a Christmas gesture for the family members we found with your help. In all we placed the following eight (8) makers and have attached pictures of our efforts. Additional pictures in a second note:

Cedar Glade:

·         Epeminio Leyva (Child son of our grandparents, Dionisio and Maria Leyva - Unknown dates)

·         Nicolas Leyva (Child son of our grandparents, Dionisio and Maria Leyva - Unknown dates)

·         Three (3) Leyva males with unknown name/dates

·         Unfortunately I miscounted and missed one additional Leyva male grave for which I will make and place a marker sometime soon.

Ruben Sanchez & David Pelletier unload headstones made by Ruben

Ruben hands headstone to David Beeby as Patsy Beeby & David Pilletier (Drake Cement Production Supervisor) observe


David Beeby carries headstone to Cedar Glade Cemetery for placement

Manuel Sanchez prepares grave for headstone placement


David Beeby places headstone as Manuel Sanchez looks on

Manuel Sanchez works clearing ground for headstone placement



L-R, Ruben Sanchez, Manuel Sanchez, Patsy and David Beeby

L-R, Yulanda Douglas, Manuel Sanchez, Patsy and David Beeby


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