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Kirkland Cemetery, Yavapai County, AZ

By Neal Du Shane

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25 year old Capt. Constantine Blackburn McMahan, c. 1863

Photo courtesy: George McMahan – G-G-Grandson


McMahan family members requested of Tim Prater, for the purpose, to try and find, then identify their loved one, Constantine Blackburn McMahan, a Civil War veteran’s grave. Constantine was believed to be interred in an unmarked grave in the Historic Pioneer Kirkland Cemetery, outside of Kirkland, AZ. Constantine had passed away on May 24, 1915 at 76 years old. Tim contacted APCRP for their research expertise in locating what we believe, is Constantine’s final resting place.


NOTE: The Kirkland Cemetery resides on property owned by the Kirkland School. The route following a road passes through a gated residential area. Be respectful of property owners and request permission in advance to visit this historic cemetery.




In order to proceed, a stop was required for sustenance, at the World Famous, Corner Stone Bakery and Cafe in Yarnell. In an attempt to stock up on our energy, we ordered three dinner plate size Cinnamon Rolls. Um…Um…Um delicious. Make sure to get there early in the morning before they are sold out. Tell the owners Jim and Nancy that their friends at APCRP sent you.


Early morning November 18, 2017 found APCRP Certified Coordinator Gary Grant, Trainee Beckie Grant and APCRP Certified Coordinator Neal Du Shane, residing in our vehicle, in front of this cemetery with a cold brisk wind blowing. After reviewing the research information APCRP had compiled, we determined it was extremely likely, Constantine was buried here and headed into the cemetery to try and identify his unmarked grave.


L-R, Neal Du Shane assists Beckie Grant find and identify an unmarked male child’s grave in the Kirkland Cemetery. Photo: Gary Grant.


On the trip to Kirkland, we stopped at the Genung Cemetery, at Peeples Valley, in case Constantine may have been buried there, as this mailing address is also Kirkland, AZ. No positive indication, which lead the intrepid research team to the Kirkland Cemetery as originally planned.


As a reference to the grave location, it is six (6) paces (approx. 18’ to 20’), from the left white 4”X4” post in this photograph. Beckie Grant points to the Prickly Pear Cactus for which Constantine is buried below. Often pioneers used such plants as markers to identify graves.

Photo: Neal Du Shane


In the back of my mind, if we couldn’t identify his grave in Kirkland we were prepared to sojourn to the Zonia Mine, Zonia, AZ some eight miles to the southeast of the Kirkland Cemetery. McMahan, at one time owned the Zonia Mine. He had instantly passed away as he ventured forth from his residence there on May 24, 1915, suffering a fatal stroke.


Constantine’s grave wasn’t difficult to identify if you are immune to cactus spurs, however it has a Prickly Pear Cactus growing directly over it, which makes it almost impossible to approach. Add to that, there is Cats Claw growing within the Cactus. Nasty combination for APCRP research but typical of Arizona landscape hazards. Hand me the armored suit and flame thrower.



Historically old Prickly Pear Cactus marking Constantine McManan's grave.

Photo: Neal Du Shane


“Born: Dec. 11, 1838 Illinois, USA


Died: May 24, 1915 Kirkland Yavapai County Arizona, USA

Constantine McMahon was a son of Barnabas (Barney) McMahan and Eliza Jane Blackburn. Barnabas was born circa 1772 and died at Lawrence County, Illinois, May 24, 1847. Eliza was born in Harrison County, Kentucky, September 28, 1806, and died at Lawrence County, Illinois, November 13, 1887. Barnabas and Eliza were married at Lawrence County, Illinois, July 29, 1826. Barnabas was a son of Constantine McMahan (circa 1746-1855, Lawrence County, Illinois) and Caroline.

Constantine McMahan, whose residence was Lawrenceville, Illinois, enlisted April 20 and mustered as Corporal in Co. I, 8th Illinois Infantry (3-Months), April 24, 1861. Corporal McMahan was mustered-out July 25, 1861, at Cairo, Illinois.

Constantine McMahan joined for duty and enrolled as Private into Co. A, 11th Missouri Rifles, which subsequently became Co. A, 11th Missouri Infantry, for a 3-year term, at Summer, Illinois, September 30, 1861. He is shown on the November and December 1861 Company Muster Roll as Corporal. Corporal McMahan was promoted to Sergeant July 1, 1863.


At his January 1864 reenlistment as a Veteran Volunteer he was described as being 5 feet 11½ inches high, with Fair complexion, Hazel eyes and Black hair. Sergeant McMahan was promoted First Lieutenant, same company, May 3, 1864. He was promoted Captain, same company, October 13, 1864, and was mustered out January 15, 1866.

Charles (sic, Constantine) McMahon, age 30 years and a carpenter, was enumerated August 20, 1870, at Canton, Lewis County, Missouri, with Eliza McMahon 27, Rolla McMahon 4, Ralph McMahon 2 and Charles McMahon 3 months.

C. McMahan, age 38 years and a miner, was enumerated June 2, 1880, at Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado, with E. A. McMahan 36, Rolla McMahan 14, Ralph McMahan 12, Chas. McMahan 10 and Laura McMahan 2.

C. McMahon, Head, was enumerated June 1, 1885, at Summit County, Colorado, with Ralph McMahon, Son.

Constantine McMahan, age 60 years and whose occupation was mining ore, was enumerated June 10, 1900, at Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado, with Eliza McMahan 58, Rolla P. McMahan 33, Ralph B. McMahan 32 and Laura E. McMahan 29.

Constantine McMahan filed from Arizona for a Civil War veteran's pension June 9, 1904, and received application No. 1,318,178 and certificate No. 1,086,266.

Constan (sic) McMahon, age 72 years and a Quartz Miner, was enumerated May 8, 1910, at 371 Zonia, Peeples Valley, Yavapai County, Arizona and Ralph McMahon 38. The enumeration shows that Constantine was born in Illinois, that he had been married for 45 years and that he was a survivor of the Union Army.

Constantine McMahan, age 73 years, registered to vote at the Kirkland Precinct, Yavapai County, Arizona July 24, 1912. The registration shows that his nativity was Illinois and that he reads English.



Fatal Illness Overtakes Good Man. Captain M'Mahon Ends Life At Zonia From A Stroke of Paralysis; Aged 81
* Years.

News of the death of Captain Charles McMahon has been received in Prescott, the end coming at Zonia last week. The fatal affliction was paralysis, which overcame this worthy resident, as he was stepping out of his home, and without the slightest warning. Although the deceased had reached the ripe age of 81
* years, his wonderful physical vigor attracted admiration, and his health was said to be perfect. * Editor Note: Death Certificate states Constantine was 76 at time of death.


Captain McMahon was identified with valuable mining properties in the Zonia section, and with his two sons had been actively developing in recent years. He was considered an authority in this business, and his practical effort was highly regarded by mining engineers. Personally, he made many friends through his genial disposition, and very much sorrow is expressed over his loss. He is survived by his two sons, who were with him, and a widow, who resides at Denver. Burial was given in Kirkland cemetery. (Weekly Journal-Miner [Prescott, Arizona], Wednesday, June 2, 1915, p. 2, and from Tuesday’s Daily) (Obituary courtesy Pat Ryland.)


Constantine’s Death Certificate


GPS Coordinated for Constantine’s grave is N34 25 15.6, W112 42 41.3.


The grave is in a Christian configuration, i.e. head to the west and feet to the east. This position is believed to allow for viewing of the “Second Coming”.


We drove a deck stake size nail, in the earth leaving approximately one inch of the nail exposed for future historical reference for the location of Constantine’s grave.


Kirkland Community volunteers completing restoration to preserve and maintain the Historic Pioneer Kirkland Cemetery - July 25, 2015 Photographer unknown,

Pat Ryland, Certified APCRP Coordinator, has completed extensive research on this cemetery and has a complete historical reference.


Bonnie Helten, Certified APCRP Coordinator, has been instrumental in various projects completed at this cemetery over the years.


Calvin Maughan, a Boy Scout from Mesa, AZ earned his Eagle Scout Badge by making grave markers, for the then known graves at the Kirkland Cemetery and placing them. Excellent effort to help preserve our heritage and identify who are buried there.


It is uncertain and unknown at this time, to what extent the relatives of McMahan will want to honor Constantine, in respect to having a marker made and erected at his grave?


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